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Dystopias and How to Avoid Them: From the Present to the Future of Higher Education featuring Bryan Alexander

WHEN: Friday, September 26, 2014 from 8:45am – 9:45am ET (Add to Calendar)
WHERE: The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, Deans Hall I&II, University Park, PA, and online at http://pspb.org/coil/
REGISTRATION: Required at http://wp.me/P3b4X9-Fd

This COIL Fischer Speaker Series event explores the future of higher education by surveying current trend lines. From new technologies to powerful… Read more »


Originally Held: July 31, 2014
Recording Available At: https://meeting.psu.edu/p12zq046vt2/
Copy of the Presentation Available At: https://psu.box.com/s/ptnvy43k2yso99h2gh0u

The world is awash in data these days, but making it a useful and actionable part of the daily activities of higher education remains a challenge. Over the last few years learning analytics have made great strides to improve algorithms… Read more »

A recent study (April, 2014) titled, Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics demonstrated the benefits of more active approaches to promoting learning, and their search terms included active learning, audience response systems, case-based learning, clickers, collaborative learning, constructivism or constructivist learning, cooperative learning, peer instruction, peers teaching, personal response device, problem-based learning,… Read more »

Originally Held: July 7, 2014
Recording Available At: https://meeting.psu.edu/p3tw0ttnupf/

The WeatherSTEM platform consumes live information to create and deliver interactive activities and assessments. The platform combines data from weather instruments, agricultural probes, web cameras, and other sensors to create immersive science education experiences and an introduction to “Big Data” and computer programming.

During this COIL Fischer Speaker Series… Read more »

I’d like to encourage all to tune in (or better yet, join us in person) to our COIL Fischer speaker, Ed Mansouri next Monday, July 7th at 1:30 in Foster auditorium in Paterno Library. Ed’s innovative approach and passion for education is contagious. Join us in person, or via ConnectPro. Details of Ed’s talk contained here. Would love… Read more »

Originally Held: Thursday, June 26, 2014
Recording Available At: https://meeting.psu.edu/p7fzaasiqze/

The prevailing ubiquitous LMS offerings focus more on teacher and administration tools than immersing the student in an enriching online learning experience they want to stay with. Many Higher Ed experiences are built from fragmented sources or borne out of jumping on the latest bandwagon, with little regard… Read more »

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