Fischer Speaker Series Recording Available | EPIC 2020 – The Future of Higher Education Featuring Bill Sams


During this session, Bill Sams,  former Associate Provost for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer and Executive in Residence for the College of Business at Ohio University discusses his perspective on the Future of Higher Education, as described in his video, “EPIC 2020, and a new concept, “Holistic Personal Enhancement.”  Holistic Personal Enhancement is a recognition and incorporation of the transformational changes occurring in education driven not only by MOOCs but also by technology. Holistic Personal Enhancement encompasses the total development of a person and/or organization with a balanced focus on core knowledge, just in time content knowledge as well as emotional intelligence skills such as network weaving and digital wisdom.

Bill also developed EPIC 2020, which stands for the proposition that the education of the world will change dramatically for the better during this decade.

Originally Held: Wednesday 3/20/2013 at 3:30PM in The Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library and via Mediasite Live
Recording Available At:

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