ClassGotcha: Goal-Oriented Personalized Online Learning Management System Supported by Educational Data Mining

We are proud to announce that the ClassGotcha: Goal-Oriented Personalized Online Learning Management System Supported by Educational Data Mining project has received seed funding through the Center for Online Innovation in Learning’s Research Initiation Grant Program.


ClassGotcha is a prize-winning educational product first developed at the 2016 HackPSU Hackathon. It is designed to be a goal-oriented, user-friendly next generation digital learning environment to help both instructors and students manage the learning processes. A learning goal system (course-level, degree-level and career-level) is designed to motivate the students by linking their in-class activities to authentic goals in their life. Students are allowed to set up their temporary goals for the current course, academic goals for their degree and life-long goals for their career and well-being. Therefore, although ClassGotcha focuses on the goal-oriented learning management for the university, it also has great applicability to work as a lifelong, self-paced learning assistant. Furthermore, a series of data mining techniques including but not limited to natural language processing, community detection, and classification will be applied to translate user’s daily learning footprints into a personalized learning profile, which will improve student’s success and give instructors thorough student information they can otherwise hardly access. With the assistance of an educational data mining technique, we believe ClassGotcha can serve as an efficient learning/teaching assistant for Penn State instructors and students.


  • Qiyuan Li, Ph.D. candidate, College of Education, Penn State University Park
  • Simo Wu, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Mathematics, Penn State University Park
  • Xiang Li, Undergraduate student, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


*This is a collaborative partnership between Co-PIs, Li and Wu.

Qiyuan Li Headshot
Qiyuan Li
Ph.D. candidate, College of Education
Simo Wu Headshot
Simo Wu
Ph.D. candidate, Department of Mathematics







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