Developing an Open-Source Case Based Environment to Support Higher Order Learning

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COIL is proud to have supported the Developing an Open-Source Case Based Environment to Support Higher Order Learning project through our Research Initiation Grant Program.


Ensuring that students are provided, from the very beginning, with opportunities to engage in activities and decision-making that will be expected of them at the conclusion of their program of study is rarely practiced in higher education. Instead, learning activities that involve open-ended analysis, evaluation, and synthesis are typically associated with capstone or practicum experiences. One reason for this gap may be too few instructional systems that adequately support a structured presentation of, engagement in, or management of case-based instructional content. Perhaps as a result, assessments for measuring a student’s ability to address the uncertainty related to real world problems and to make appropriate decisions are also rare. The primary goal of this project is to outline the instructional specifications for and develop a prototype for a case-based learning environment that will facilitate higher order learning among Applied Statistics students and enable them to demonstrate the ability to successfully engage in open-ended analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of content-specific knowledge within real- world contexts. With a case-based learning environment both faculty and students will have access to indicators of how students are developing as new professionals throughout their program of study. Furthermore, because of the collaborative input from other programs in its design, this project will ultimately serve as a prototype for similar case- based learning applications in other academic disciplines.
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  • Department of Statistics
    • Glenn Johnson*, Instructional Designer
    • Dr. Durland Shumway, Research Associate and Assistant Professor
    • Dr. James Rosenberger, Professor of Statistics, Director of the Statistical Consulting Center
    • Dr. Mosuk Chow, Senior Research Associate, Associate Professor of Statistics
    • Chris Komlenic, Drupal Developer
  • Forensic Science Program
    • Dr. Cedric Neumann, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Forensic Science
  • College of Arts & Architecture
    • Bill Rose, Instructional Designer
    • Bryan Ollendyke, Instructional Web Technologist
  • College of Earth & Mineral Sciences
    • Dr. Vera Cole, Program Officer, Energy and Sustainability Policy
    • Dr. Anthony Robinson, Research Associate, GIS/MGIS Lead Faculty
    • Dr. Todd Bacastow, Professor of Practice, GeoIntel Lead Faculty


Glenn Johnson
328 Joab L. Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802

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