COIL Fischer Speaker Series Recording Available | EAB’s Vantage on an Evolving Higher Ed Landscape featuring Melanie Ho

Originally Held: February 28, 2017

Reflections and Discussion on the Role of Professional, Continuing, and Online Ed

Melanie Ho, Executive Director of EAB, leads this COIL Fischer Speaker Series discussion on the major trends effecting higher education. The session features a presentation followed by facilitated Q&A and covers topics at the forefront of higher education executives’ agendas as uncovered by multiple interviews with university leaders across the USA. Topics will include:

  • How the pressures of “profitless growth” are bringing a new rigour to academic portfolio planning
  • The demand for greater integration of academic and career outcomes
  • The application of out-of-sector big data lessons in consumer intelligence
  • The drive to bring data together across the student life-cycle to improve long-range planning
  • Strategies being deployed to ensure access and affordability in a nation with a shrinking middle class

Melanie Ho serves as Executive Director at the Education Advisory Board (EAB), a division of the Advisory Board Company, a research, technology, and consulting firm in Washington, DC. She oversees over 100 staff who provide strategic guidance, consultative services, and change management support to help over 2000 provosts, CFOs, vice presidents, deans, and other university executives annually with their strategic challenges.

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