Bart Pursel

Building Online Books Using Open Educational Resources for Zero Cost Personalized and Collaborative Learning, a project funded during COIL’s Spring 2016 round of Research Initiation Grants, is to be the topic of discussion in an upcoming EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Webinar. Penn State IST faculty Lee Giles, COIL co-director Bart Pursel, and COIL adviser Kyle Bowen will be featured for… Read more »

Penn State educators have designed a new technology, with funding from a COIL Research Initiation Grant, to build textbooks using open resources on the web. BBookX uses robots to search for information across the Internet based off of user generated topics and key words.

“The idea is that this is an intelligent system that is really learning from how… Read more »

Penn State has developed a new technology that works with faculty to automatically build complete textbooks from open resources on the Web according to topics and keywords provided by a user.

The project, funded in part by a Center for Online Innovation in Learning (COIL) Research Initiation Grant, is helping to usher in a new genre of media: the bionic… Read more »

WHEN: Friday, May 8, 2015 from 1:30pm – 3:00pm ET
WHERE: 508 Rider Building or virtually via Adobe Connect Pro

This session will focus on the data provided to us from Coursera, Penn State’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) partner, and how we are using these data at Penn State. Bart Pursel will provide an introduction and context for the session…. Read more »

In my opinion, one of the best COIL Conversations in our brief history has been, “Student Data: Who owns it and how is it being used?”  Hosted by Chris Millet and featuring panelists Simon Hooper, Bart Pursel, Crystal Ramsay, and Rayne Sperling, this conversation demonstrated our community’s deep interest in and concern for the uses made of student… Read more »