Originally Held: December 7, 2016

One of the biggest obstacles to scaling collaborative learning is that most people do not have the knowledge nor skills to collaborate well. Many argue that improving collaborative processes requires that groups learn how to monitor and regulate collective thinking processes, but what does this mean and what could this look like?

In this COIL conversation,… Read more »

Originally Held: July 15, 2015

The complexity of engineering problems continues to increase thus emphasizing the need for collaboration among engineers. Accordingly, teamwork can be an essential part of the engineering curriculum; especially when a course objective needs to model complex real world problems. During this COIL Conversation, Dr. Joanna F. DeFranco, assistant professor of software engineering at Penn State Great Valley, discusses… Read more »

Originally Held: March 27, 2015

Call for Collaborators: Investigators interested in cyber-enabled learning such as MOOCs and other digital platforms, were invited to participate in a brainstorming/ meet and greet session on Friday, March 27th. The objective of this event was to bring together innovative and highly motivated researchers seeking to understand how individuals learn, interact and succeed in online learning… Read more »

COIL and TLT are about to deploy a tool designed to build community and develop connections based on the research interests of faculty, staff, and students who are interested in online innovations in learning.

The system works by having people fill out a four part profile indicating their role, areas of expertise, areas of professional interest, topics they wold like… Read more »

COIL is proud to have supported the Developing an Interactive Cognitive Support System to Guide and Improve Collective Thinking Processes for Online Collaborative Teams project through our Research Initiation Grant Program.


This project will investigate the initial requirements to develop an Interactive Collaborative Cognitive Support System (ICSS) that facilitates the development of collective thinking skills. In order… Read more »