One of COIL’s goals is to bring new perspectives, ideas, and expertise to our PSU community. Our COIL Fischer Speaker Series events are one way we accomplish this. Understanding that we are all very busy or may not be interested in a particular topic, I wanted to reflect on why I feel so passionate about bringing new thinking and perspectives… Read more »

I loved this opening paragraph from a recent edSurge article (April 15, 2015) by Michael Horn and Paul Freedman

“If you want to get drunk, go to a higher education conference and take a shot every time someone says competency-based education (CBE). It is one of the most discussed concepts in the industry today, but what… Read more »

I first became interested in the concept of badging several years ago when I met with two colleagues, Kyle Peck and Chris Gamrat, who had created a rather large scale badging project for an external agency. I was impressed (and still am) at the complexity and thought put into this program. As an Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of American ’73)… Read more »

During my time at Penn State I am extremely fortunate to have the ability to blend one of my hobbies, gaming, with my career in education technology. The most recent example of this is with eSports. If you never heard of eSports, we have a ‘starter’ page up on our Educational Gaming Commons website.

Once you get past… Read more »

In my opinion, one of the best COIL Conversations in our brief history has been, “Student Data: Who owns it and how is it being used?”  Hosted by Chris Millet and featuring panelists Simon Hooper, Bart Pursel, Crystal Ramsay, and Rayne Sperling, this conversation demonstrated our community’s deep interest in and concern for the uses made of student… Read more »