Originally Held: August 12, 2016

One of the critical factors to student success in any learning format is the skill and faculty of the instructor. Regardless of the title, the leader of the educational experience plays a key role in guiding, managing, and directing student learning. Meeting the continual and life long professional development needs of faculty requires attention to the… Read more »

These past few weeks I have had the pleasure and honor of experiencing a wide variety of engagements in and around innovation, transformative thinking, and new partnerships toward the future of higher education. On November 2, along with my colleague Jon Nese of Penn State’s meteorology department and Weather World fame, we hosted a summit of educators, agricultural and… Read more »

Originally Held: August 19, 2015

In 2012, Penn State created the Center for Online Innovation in Learning (COIL) with the mission to engage the University’s extensive research enterprise to improve learning at and beyond Penn State through the pursuit of online innovations. Over the following three years, COIL developed and refined a model to engage diverse constituent groups including faculty, staff… Read more »

In this video, COIL Co-Director Larry Ragan interviews Marni Baker Stein, Chief Innovation Officer at The University of Texas System – Institute for Transformational Learning.

Perspectives is a video interview series developed by the Center for Online Innovation in Learning at Penn State University exploring emerging trends and forces in higher education with thought leaders from the world of online… Read more »

Originally Held: August 11, 2015

There is an intersection of innovation and policy that occurs when higher education institutions seek to deliver next-generation learning models and programming that doesn’t always fit within the traditional model. This often causes disruption in existing law, regulations, and policy within national, state, local and accreditation jurisdictions which regulate higher education.

How do we “lead the… Read more »