Penn State Geography

Originally Held: March 16, 2017

Exploration and learning about sustainability is a rapidly evolving aspect of undergraduate educational experiences. In this COIL Conversation, Dr. Erica Smithwick discusses the application of two forms of interactive video (tagging, and embedded video quizzes) as a central component to a new, online, general education course at Penn State.

Her team’s tenet is that interactive video… Read more »

All are invited to volunteer to participate in a research study conducted by the GeoVISTA Center in the Department of Geography at Penn State.

The study seeks to evaluate the utility and usability of interactive web-mapping tools for supporting analytical reasoning and decision making regarding student course-engagement patterns in a massive open online course (MOOC). This work employs task analysis,… Read more »

At Penn State, researchers are offering prototype versions of immersive Virtual Reality (iVR) lessons in three courses this fall and spring to engage students in the advantages and promises that such learning offers.

A multi-disciplinary research team, led by Alexander Klippel, associate professor of geography, and including members from the departments of Geography and Geosciences, the Stuckeman… Read more »

Students who do not have the opportunity to travel can still experience the geography of other countries through the use of interactive video.

Last spring, Erica Smithwick, an associate professor of geography at Penn State University Park, used HapYak to create interactive video quizzes for students in an online course (GEOG 001 (GS) Global Parks and Sustainability) as part… Read more »

Historic Campus Modeling Project aims to enhance Penn Staters’ sense of place and University history.

In an effort to more clearly visualize previous iterations of campus, a cross-disciplinary group of researchers is using virtual reality and 3-D modeling technology as a time machine to travel back to the early days of Penn State.

According to project lead Alexander Klippel… Read more »