World Campus

World Campus Faculty Capacity has partnered with Teaching & Learning with Technology to provide the Penn State Online track as part of the 2017 TLT Symposium. The Penn State Online track will feature an invited speaker and 3 talks selected from proposals submitted from Penn State’s many online programs. To submit for this track, select “Yes” at… Read more »

Originally Held: August 12, 2016

One of the critical factors to student success in any learning format is the skill and faculty of the instructor. Regardless of the title, the leader of the educational experience plays a key role in guiding, managing, and directing student learning. Meeting the continual and life long professional development needs of faculty requires attention to the… Read more »

Penn State psychology professor, Brian Redmond, is researching how the use of mobile robots affect the learning experiences of online students. This project, initially submitted by Redmond for funding through COIL’s Research Initiation Grants is now being supported by Penn State Outreach.

“The reason that we pursued it, or continued to pursue it,” Zdenek said, “is that the increase in… Read more »

COIL is proud to support the We Are! Building Identity, Participation and Connectivity within World Campus Cohorts project through our Research Initiation Grant Program.


Interest and participation in online education have exploded in recent years, at least partly due to the growing availability of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on a broad range of topics. However, even established online education providers… Read more »

The Penn State EdTech Network is pleased to announce that its inaugural Summit will be held November 2¬–4 at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel.

The Summit will bring technology leaders from private industry, the public sector, and the academic community to Penn State to build relationships and discuss future partnerships that ensure the continued growth of Penn State World… Read more »