Teaching Behaviors That Enable Online Learner Success

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COIL is proud to have supported the Teaching Behaviors That Enable Online Learner Success project through our Research Initiation Grant Program.


The ability to accommodate for differences in learning style, student preferences, pace of study, and variations of delivery modalities, matched with specific teaching behaviors will positively impact the student online learning experience. Through this study, a better understanding of how variables such as level of self-efficacy, motivation, initiative, and control correlate to specific teaching behaviors enables the design and delivery of online instruction to more effectively meet the needs of individual online learners and contribute to maximizing learning and success.

The PRO-SDLS instrument will be used to create a profile measuring the construct of self-directedness which is comprised of four variables: self-efficacy, motivation, initiative, and control. This profile will provide the basis of correlation to students’ preferred teaching behaviors that enable student success.

This study will be conducted within two online learning contexts, a US-based model via the World Campus, and the eLearn Center, a research, innovation and training e-learning center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia), a 17-years-old fully online university located in Barcelona, Spain.


  • Lawrence C. Ragan, Director- Faculty Development, World Campus, Co-Director The Center for Online Innovations in Learning
  • Paula Bigatel, Instructional Designer, World Campus
  • Janet Dillon, Associate Director, Educational and Institutional Analytics, Outreach
  • Shannon Kennan, Director of Outreach and Instructional Design and Senior Lecturer, University Park


Lawrence C. Ragan
224 Outreach Building
University Park, Pa 16802

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