The Penn State “Lifelong Learning Landscape (L3)”

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COIL is proud to have supported The Penn State Lifelong Learning Landscape (L3) project through our Research Initiation Grant Program.


The Penn State Lifelong Learning Landscape (L3) Project will build, implement, and study the effects of an innovative educational delivery system designed to meet the needs of non-degree learners; promote lifelong connections between Alumni and the University; and attract new learners to Penn State. Based on our initial success with the NASA/NSTA “Teacher Learning Journeys” partnership, the L3 system:

  • Offers no-cost access to a database of granular learning activities
  • Gives learners opportunities to select, arrange, schedule, and participate in activities
  • Allows learners to rate, comment on, save, and share activities and to “follow” others
  • Awards digital “stamps” and “badges” following successful completion of varying criteria
  • Allows learners to group stamps and badges and make them private or public, and
  • Keeps learners in touch with Penn State.

Content from any academic program or other PSU source can be accommodated and delivered by the system, and these can include activities designed for both professional and personal development. While no academic credit will be offered for L3 activities, academic programs could use PSU’s credit by examination or credit by portfolio policies to grant credit while recovering costs. Partners in the development and research include Continuing Education, Alumni Career Services, the Teaching and Learning Technologies Group, and the College of Education.


  • College of Education, University Park
    • Christopher Gamrat, Graduate Student, Learning Design & Technology
    • Kyle Peck, Professor of Education / Research Fellow
    • Keith Duclos, Associate Director, Aerospace Education Services Project
    • Heather Zimmerman, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Information Technology Services, University Park
    • Cole Camplese, Senior Director for Teaching and Learning Technologies
    • Brad Kozlek, Manager of Software Design and Development
    • Chris Millet, IT Manager
    • Chris Stubbs, IT Project Manager
  • Continuing Education, University Park
    • Paula Hogard, Education Strategy & Planning Manager 4
    • Valerie Holt, Education Strategy and Planning Manager 2
  • Alumni Career Services, University Park
    • Cheryl Bonner, Director of Alumni Programs
  • Consultant
    • Jason Ritter, Graphic Artist


Christopher Gamrat

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